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Why we’re a little different_

We exist to bring creativity and storytelling to traditional consulting whilst adding an academic, business lens to creative solutions. This is key to the creation of whole brands and striving for iconic, inspirational solutions for our clients.


We challenge our clients to internally align and to work hard at collaboration, so we lead by example to maximise our own diverse expertise.


NeLo brand values

Family First

Our families are our passion and primary motivator for all that we do. We always ask "would this decision make my partner / child / parents proud?” and we never want to hear NeLo employees have to disappoint their family in order to work long hours at the office.


We value the health of our body and mind and know that we perform best when both are finely tuned. We strive to sweat once every day, ideally with other people, and feed ourselves with the things we know help us perform at our best.

Positive connections

We want everyone we interact with to have had a better day as a result of coming into contact with us. This is a cue for us to keep accountable for our own mindset and be aware of, and empathetic towards, the mood of others.


Continuous learning

Academic learning is important at NeLo and we constantly seek new knowledge, but we also believe that the more you know, the more you know you don’t know. As such, we evaluate our own performance and invite and give feedback, looking for opportunities to evolve our practice.


It excites us to buck the status quo and find new ways to do things. It stops us feeling stale. We value a mix of pragmatism and non-linear thinking. When facing a problem, we pause, seek multiple perspectives and try to strive for a good idea to test, rather than immediate perfection.


NeLo leadership team


Ross Hastings
Co-founding Director

Leadership Development | Qualitative Research | Coaching | Positive Psychology | Culture

Ross keeps himself on the cutting edge of Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology, professionally and academically driven to explore what leads people, and groups of people, to perform to the peak of their potential. To date, this quest has spanned three continents, working with teams and individuals in business, sport and education and he still loves every minute of it.

Ross leads our thinking and practice on Employee Experience (EX), qualitative research, leadership development and coaching. He is also responsible for our team structures, consistently delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Away from work, Ross’ passion for exploring human potential doesn’t stop. He enjoys testing himself through various physical exploits and testing others with his dad jokes. He is delighted to have recently had a baby daughter, so he now has an excuse for the latter.

Kieran Antill.jpg

Kieran Antill
Co-founding Director

Branding | Brand Strategy | Innovation Pipeline | Digital Strategy | Story-telling | Comms

Listed by ‘Australia Unlimited’ (Austrade) as one of Australia’s top creative exports and previously ranked by the Gunn report (The Global Index of Creative Excellence in Advertising) as the #1 Art Director worldwide it’s fair to say Kieran has a passion for what he does.

He has repositioned multiple national and international brands working across Sydney, Melbourne and New York.

He has extensive experience in running teams as the Executive Creative Director of JWT Melbourne, and Managing Partner (EVP) Leo Burnett New York.

In addition to creative excellence he is an Executive Masters of Business Administration graduate (eMBA, Berlin School Creative Leadership) which helps him connect creativity to business.


Nikki Garvey
Partner - Senior Consultant

Experience Specialist | UX | CX | Tech Innovation

As an Experience Specialist, Nikki knows that every problem can be solved by really listening. Listening to customers, stakeholders, users, team members and reliable data.

For 13 years, Nikki has specialised in user & customer experience, digital & content production, and digital & communications strategy for leading retail brands, financial institutions, insurance companies, media organisations, car manufacturers, education & government agencies, sporting bodies and events, both in Australia and globally.

Along with being an invaluable team leader, she is a passionate mum.


Keryn Nossal
Partner - Senior Consultant
eMBA graduate program

Filmmaking | Stakeholder Comms |Exec. Media Training | Internal and B2B Communications

Keryn brings a wealth of experience for our C-Suite clients. For over 20 years she has created video story telling content for internal communications, whilst also media trained the leadership teams of some of Australia’s largest companies.

She is the Founder of Fancy Films and brings exceptional storytelling capabilities to every team.


Nick Wright
Partner - Senior Consultant

Tech Innovation | Augmented Reality (AR) | Virtual Reality (VR) | 360 Experiences 

Nick brings high-tech advice to any NeLo project team. He opens possibilities in the enquire phase and can help make ideas a reality into the co-design phase. He can explain complex emerging tech in simple and actionable terms.

He is well versed in building project teams - he is the co-founder and CEO of FGMNT who are most notably known as the creators of SITU360, a virtual platform designed for brands, agencies and educators to take their 360° content to a new level.

eX10_Jamie Daou.jpg

Jamie Daou
Partner - Senior Consultant

Tech Finances | Virtual Reality (VR) for Business | 360° Software

Jamie brings invaluable insight and experience in building and selling businesses. His wealth of knowledge in marketing, sales and operations plus a strong network of contacts across a variety of industries brings a vital strategic and commercial lens to NeLo projects.

He is instrumental in overseeing product development, identifying new market opportunities, and directing sales and marketing operations.

eX10_Pete Majarich.jpg

Pete Majarich
Anomaly Designer

Design | Art Direction | Writing | Film Direction | Tech Research

Nothing about Pete makes complete sense, yet his work has been featured in Wired Magazine, Mashable, Fast Company, Vice Magazine, Vimeo, The Academy of Motion Pictures, Bored Panda, Lost at E Minor, My Modern Met, Design Taxi, Booooooooooooom, Comedy Central, We and the Color, DeMilked, Archillect and This Isn’t Happiness™.

Having thinkers and creators like Pete on the team challenges the obvious. He brings a social lens to our thinking that is all too often muted in board room discussions.


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