Brand Leadership Consultancy_

Our approach_


Project methodology_
From current state to desired state

Robust methodology that strikes a balance between disciplined process and pragmatic flexibility. Clear outcomes, dependencies and deliverables are our focus.

We utilise our four-phase methodology on every project.  This ensures senior leadership are aligned, your people are motivated, multiple perspectives are heard and synthesised and all solutions are not only embedded but sustainable.



Align & Enquire

Everyone at a leadership level is aligned on desired state. Stakeholders have contributed to the understanding of current state and are excited about the change to come.

Every align & enquire phase culminates in a whole brand diagnostic or brand segment diagnostic.

02 >


Key insights and concepts have been synthesised into stimulus and well-defined ideas that will take us from current state to desired state.

03 >


Solutions are validated with stakeholders and delivered, in order to take us from current state to desired state.

04 >

Embed & Sustain

The organisation are autonomous in ongoing embedding and support of the solution.

We ensure that desired state is maintained and becomes the new current state, to build upon.

NeLo Working Rhythm_
Your time is precious, so is ours.

We tailor modular sprint plans to each project to ensure maximum efficiency and clarity. Each sprint consists of 10 working days and has clearly defined milestones, deliverables and dependencies. Sprint rhythms are flexible, to allow for the unique and changing demands of each project.

Example sprint plans >


Cyclic rhythm_

Projects that have a regular calendar need.

Crescendo rhythm_

Large scale projects with a calendar deadline ie. conference or product launch

Build & optimise rhythm_

Projects with a defined deadline but require ongoing support for growth and optimisation ie. Website or innovation workshops.

NeLo team methodology_

At NeLo, we pride ourselves on having the best talent around when it comes to building whole brands. This requires a unique blend of creative thinkers and business minds, psychologists and technologists, and experience across multiple industries, all brought together with the design and leadership required to maximise performance and create exceptional results for NeLo clients.

Our teams are built around each project and not the other way around.

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