Services developed around key questions_

Starting with the right question is key to identifying any gaps in your whole brand system. All our services are developed to help you identify and address these gaps, to make your brand do more.

What questions are you asking?

Does our branding add value to our business?

True branding is an asset - every dollar you spend on it should mean incremental value for your business. A whole branding system is much more than a logo, it is how every touch-point of your brand manifests itself, giving your customers something to connect with and your employees something to be proud of. We bring award-winning design and story-telling capabilities to our partnership with you, which is only limited by your aspirations for your brand.

Do we have a plan to evolve our brand to meet the future demands of our industry?

Taking the time to consider and understand the future of your business allows for a brand and related strategy that is proactive and informed. So often, leadership teams are caught up in BAU, leading to ineffective meetings, sharing updates and focussing on problems. We help you leverage the knowledge and experience within your senior leadership, to cut through BAU and take a proactive, forward-thinking, solutions-focused approach.

Do we have the right leadership capability to drive our brand forward?

In a business landscape where the only certainty is change, the role of leaders is more complex and important than ever. We help you establish a leadership brand that aligns with your brand, and co-design learning and coaching programs that develop the necessary attributes to navigate change, drive innovation and inspire teams.

How do we attract and develop talent that fits our brand?

So often, we see a disconnect between brand, strategy and the talent being recruited. We help you make your brand do more in the recruitment process, meaning the right people are attracted. We also co-create a talent management strategy that ensures the right people are promoted to the right roles, in line with your brand.

How do we communicate our brand message more effectively?

Great brands, missions and values often fail to maximise potential, due to poorly told stories. To articulate a compelling story, you need both a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and the creative ability to communicate it. We help you and your business distil your message into one that is simple, and bring the world-class storytelling capability required to turn it into an inspirational message, whether it be film, animation or unique print comms.

How do we shift our culture towards innovation that is on brand?

Innovation pulls your business forward while Business As Usual (BAU) pushes your business. BAU is your core activity, but in the current climate of change and disruption, we need to be proactive or be left behind. We help you define the problems to be solved, co-create the forums necessary to maintain your innovation pipeline and support the rhythm required to test ideas and embed the effective ones. All the time keeping aligned to brand and strategy.

How do we embrace the right technology to support our brand?

Comprehension of big tech tends is essential for any business leader, if you don’t know what’s possible then you limit your vision. This is just part of the answer, though; applying the lens of your specific brand to emerging or existing technology is key. We help you understand not only what technology is coming, but also what to adapt, and how, in the unique context of your brand.

Are our employees connected to and motivated by our brand?

Research suggests that finding meaning and being happy in one’s work can be as important as, or more important than, pay or job security. Some even show that every dollar spent by businesses on employee happiness can generate returns of 200-400%. Needless to say, we think it’s important and we apply cutting edge motivation theory to ensure your employees find meaning in your brand; fulfilling their potential and staying with you for a long time.

Are we driving behaviours that are aligned with our brand?

Gaining clarity and consensus on strategy and brand is only part of the battle. Are you motivating your people to behave and act in a way that is congruent with brand and delivers on strategy? We help you find out, and co-create solutions to address any inconsistencies.

Are we thinking big enough for our brand?

Many businesses become very good at what they do, but the reality is that we just don’t know what we don’t know. Often an external perspective can be invaluable in uncovering these blind spots. We bring Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from a vast array of backgrounds to help you see what’s possible and co-create a vision with you that is aligned with your brand, strategy and capabilities. Not too big, not too small. We call it the Goldilocks concept.